Fang Shui Design specializes in producing quality CAD graphics and designs for:


 Real Estate Plans     Floor Plans for real estate marketing presentation purposes 

Insurance claims     Floor Plans for Home Owner Warranty Property damage claims

Architectural     Residential   Commercial  Industrial  Buildings & Council DAs

Interiors             Fitout    Tenancy Lease   &  Facility Management/CAFM         

Engineering        Building Services   Structural Steel  &  Toolmaking/CAM  

Landscaping       Civil  Survey  Land Titles  &  Landscape Architecture       

CAD / BIM          2D Plans   3D Rendering   &  CAD/CAM Modelling

Graphics Technology   High Schools  Technical Drawing  CAD Tutor  Eng. Science

Feng Shui            Incorporating Feng Shui Design Principles to liveable spaces

Sacred Geometry   Incorporating Sacred Geometry within Architecture



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